we’re smart & insightful

Sustaining longevity and being successful in trading requires cutting edge innovation. The technological trading tools we develop to support and advance our algorithmic market strategies are some of the best in the business.


we enjoy what we do

We work in a comfortable casual environment and our traders enjoy what they do in a competitive, stimulating, and yet relaxed atmosphere.


our team plays to win

Yep, we’re competitive. With each other. With other firms. We operate as a meritocracy with our employees where being profitable and executing successful strategies drives advancement.


to excel, be the best

Our success hinges upon the intelligence and creativity of our traders. Our traders are carefully selected and trained to be able to generate new trading ideas, as well as optimize and adapt existing ideas to a constantly changing world.


our trading is well balanced

We calculate our edge in the market place with great precision and manage our risk with efficiency and discipline. Trades are thoughtfully managed and scaled accordingly.


we’re the people you trust

We pride ourselves on the integrity through which we conduct our business. Our reputation has allowed us to attract some of the best talent in trading to build our company with an extremely low turnover rate.


our record of success

Our experience and expertise in the field allows us to make well informed decisions. We strive to pass this experience onto each successive generation of elite traders that become part of our team.


we never stop

We work hard to play hard. Everyone at Hard Eight is driven to succeed and to beat out the competition. Do you think you have what it takes? Join us.